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Why I need Social Media for my Business?

As you know owning and using internet connection become cheaper day-by-day and the online customer population is growing in several billions. You, I and everyone simply do Google search before make any purchase decisions. This is applicable to your product / services too.

Having website alone can’t help you to reach potential customers as it is mostly static, won’t actively engage with your online users and you need additional money / effort to drive traffic towards your website.

Social Media Channels are a unique way to build and engage with your online communities to flourish your business. You can answer questions, provide support for problems, and even reach out to potential customers.

Your active engagement online would help you to increase your presence in Google search results, which obviously help you to reach potential customers!

How much Social Media Cost me?

Print & TV media advisements cost are soaring and don’t have capability to engage with user!

Signing up and having page in social media channels are not a big deal, as you know it is quite simple task! You also must be having one already! But, designing and creating an engaging content require skill and time. All of us fighting for time and find someone in your team who has the necessary skill to manage your social media channels. Having a dedicated social media would cost you and also require your focus.

Our experienced and informed professionals will help you not only build an effective online presence, but build your online community. With our help, you will be able to stop focusing on what social media costs, and start seeing increased online engagements. Sysmedac can help you build thriving communities on every major social media platform and maximize their return on investment.

You can start it with as low as at 100 USD per month! a fraction of what it would cost to have your exclusive social media team! Sysmedac offers multiple monthly plans based on your posting / engagement frequency requirement.

Contact Us We’d love to learn more about your business to device and start social media journey!

How does Sysmedac do it?

Sysmedac do four things to help your business grow on social media:

  • Management of your social media & Posts
  • Custom Designs & Content Creation
  • Interactive Engagement with your users / followers and re-direct business enquiries to you
  • Analytics Dashboard to measure reach & follower growth and continuously revisiting marketing strategy

Digital Marketing Case Study:

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1. Management of your social media & Posts

Our social media management services helps to establish & grow your online presence by opening channels in multiple online platforms, revamp it if you have one already.

We use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, YouTube and many more to build and expand your brand and marketing in social media space. The social media platform will be selected appropriately to connect with your potential buyers based on your line of business and your time bound target.

2. Custom Designs & Content Creation

We create quality great contents, high-quality designs specific to each social media channel that reflects your brand and your marketing ambition to engage your target audience. The contents would inform, educate, inspire, engage and encourage the visitors to act-on; accordingly mix of appropriate content would be posted on a predefined schedule.

3. Active Engagement with your online community and re-direct business enquiries to you

Active engagement consists of engaging and interacting with your potential customers on your social media channels. This involves activities like responding to standard business queries from visitors, followers, users / potential buyers. Basically we will help you to build and grow your online community. We would actively share the business enquiries with you as and when it emerges from any social media channel.

4. Analytics Dashboard to measure reach & follower growth and continuously revisiting marketing strategy together

Our online analytics dashboard helps you to measure the social media wise reach of the posts, business conversion, followers / fans growth and many more. These figures would help to re-shape and continuously improve the social media marketing strategy.

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