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Our lives depend on online services. Gain essential cyber security service, knowledge and skills, to help protect your digital life.

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Businesses today have to address a vast array of regulatory compliance needs around data privacy & security, intellectual property management. With high cost of non –compliance (penalties, license cancellations, downtime, etc.), enterprises are under pressure to ensure timely and robust third-party audits. Looking beyond regulatory compliances, enterprises in any case need to address the increasing possibility of vulnerabilities within mission critical applications and data, due to a constantly changing IT environment.

This is where Sysmedac Security & Testing services make a big difference. Sysmedac brings to you a world-class service quality team dedicated to security, best-of-breed technology skills and leading partner tie-ups. What makes us stand out among normal Security Audit & Testing companies is our ability to not just recommend, but also execute the recommended changes to our customer’s IT environment.

Our Cyber Security & Testing services are provided to website, Web & mobile application and we have a specialized team that combines cutting-edge technology tools and the vast power of human intelligence.

Why should you do

  • To identify who are our possible cyber attacker.
  • To identify factors responsible for cybercrime.
  • To Protect your network and provides security which increases investment of your company and gives profit to you.
  • To avoid fear of hacking of your data.
  • It helps in identifying higher-risk vulnerabilities.
  • It identifies security weakness.
  • As cybercrime causes financial losses, loss of customer loyalties, and negative impact on our organization so when you feel your data is hacked, or it go somewhere else       you do ethical hacking which is done by certified ethical hacker. These are called white hat hackers which are good guys, who take the action to protect your network.
  • ATM's are one of most target of 'Malware attacks’, which are also called as credentialed malware. Our organization helps and prevent such kind of attack.

Cyber Security Case Study

Our lives depend on online services. Gain essential cyber security service, knowledge and skills, to help protect your digital life.

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What we do:

We provide end-to-end advisory, protection and monitoring services to secure your organization. We advise on your cybersecurity strategy depending on your current level of maturity to help you define your security perimeter, objectives and procedures. We protect your systems with our cybersecurity solutions and monitor your system to
detect and react in advance of cyber-attacks. Safeguard your digital enterprise against cyber-attacks and internal malicious behavior with end-to-end advisory, protection and security monitoring services.

Manual Penetration Testing done for Web & Mobile, Application:

The thumb that real life hackers follow, is not to use automated tools, but to do the hacking manually. This is because it is not entirely possible for tools and scripts to find all vulnerabilities. There are some vulnerabilities which can be identified by manual scan only. Penetration testers can perform better attacks on application based on their skills and knowledge of system being penetrated. The methods like social engineering can be done by humans only. The same applies to website attacks such as SQL Injection, Cross site scripting (XSS) and cross site request forgery (CSRF). Manual checking also covers design, business logic as well as code verification.

How we will do?

Data collection

Various methods including Google search are used to get target system data. One can also use web page source code analysis technique to get more info about the system, software and plugin versions. There are many free tools and services available in the market which can give you information like database or table names, DB versions, software versions, hardware used and various third-party plugins used in the target system.


VAPT is an on-demand solution which makes it convenient to run tests over the Internet anywhere, anytime. It is a hybrid solution which blends automated testing with security expert analysis. This blended model provides the best quality test coverage while accelerating the test time. The unique technology identifies all possible attack vectors.
Using this solution, organizations are conducting Penetration tests in a cost-effective manner and easily manage compliance requirements like PCI, SOX, ISO27001, etc.
Sysmedac VAPT can simulate attack scenarios to find all possible attack paths within applications or networks along with suitable remedies

Application VAPT

Your application portfolio relies on a diverse range of platforms and infrastructure that may be extremely vulnerable to intrusion and data theft. Our Application VAPT services simulates techniques used by hackers to help you identify and address potential threats to your applications. We also implement recommendations such as patch management, functionality analysis and access control to secure your applications.

Network VAPT

Network devices are commonly targeted by hackers in order to destabilize the entire network or to steal information. Sysmedac Network VAPT services help you validate the configuration of various technology devices & platforms on your network as per best practices. We help you identify security issues and weak links in your network through network assessment, and penetration testing.

Security Assessment

Any gaps in your application or network architecture leaves your employees, customers and partners prone to multiple threats such as identity theft, fraud and data theft. Sysmedac security assessment services help you get a complete picture of your application and network level vulnerabilities to ensure that you can address all vulnerabilities well before they impact your business.

Configuration & Source Code Review

Sysmedac offers best-in-class tools and manual analysis to carry out configuration and source code reviews. We ensure that all technology devices & applications are running with optimal security configurations and coding standards, in-line with industry best practices & compliance requirements.

Network Architecture Review

Sysmedac highly experienced team of architecture professionals and partner ecosystem help customers enhance their network architecture by identifying the gaps in their existing network architecture and provide recommendations to address the same.

Vulnerability Assessment

Based on the data collected in first step one can find the security weakness in the target system. This helps penetration testers to launch attacks using identified entry points in the system.

Vulnerability Exploitation

This step requires special skills and techniques to launch attack on target system. Experienced penetration testers can use their skills to launch attack on the system.

Result analysis and report preparation

After completion of penetration tests detailed reports are prepared for taking corrective actions. All identified vulnerabilities and recommended corrective methods are listed in these reports. You can customize vulnerability report format (HTML, XML, MS Word or PDF) as per your organization needs.

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